Safety Notice

Safety Announcement

Games Published by Cactus Game Design:

Safety of our customers is a primary concern at Cactus Game Design.  We strive to ensure that the materials used in our games are safe and age appropriately graded and labeled.  All of the dyes used in printing our games (cards, game boards, boxes, etc) are the same as those used in food coloring based dyes.  Specifically, we use vegetable-based inks and alcohol-free solutions.

Moreover, the facilities that we use to produce our games are ISO9002 certified and as such undergo regular audits and materials testing.  In addition, Cactus has our games independently tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure that our games meet or exceed all safety regulations these tests include:

U.S. ASTM F963-11
CPSIA Section 101 - Total Lead Content
CPSIA Section 108 - Phthalates

Not only are the games we publish enjoyable and edifying, they are safe for your family.  There are no lead paints used in any of our games.

Toys Distributed by Cactus Game Design:

Cactus is proud to distribute the Christian toys of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear, Inc. that include the Bible Toys, Wee Believers and One 2 Believe product lines. These toys are also independently tested by 3rd party laboratories.

We, Cactus Game Design, Inc., certify that all of our products are compliant with the lead and phthalates content limits in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 as well as CA Prop 65.  In addition, any of our products that may present a choking hazard to a young user are labeled with the appropriate choking hazard warning.

Rob Anderson
President - Cactus Game Design, Inc.