Links & External Resources

Three Lions Gaming

A great site by Travis Brown. This website is a great place to purchase Redemption packs, starters, and single cards! Contains a downloadable pricelist/checklist and many card images.

Covenant Games

A MN-based site by Chris Bany, with a downloadable price list for single cards, MN newsletters & archives, and some interesting "museum pieces" including playtesting cards and original humorous card ideas. Covenant Games is a full fledged store, offering a wide variety of Christian games and gaming supplies including the full array of Redemption product.

Land of Redemption

A fan based site featuring strategy, news and tutorial blog for the Redemption CCG! Many of the editorial contributors to this site are playtesters for the game.

Redemption Online Message Board

The Official Redemption Message Board where fans may discuss card strategies, deck design, or trade cards and discuss deep theological issues while you make new friends!