Prophecies of Christ – Phase 2




The Prophecies of Christ set is releasing in two phases.  Phase 1 released last fall contains 129 new cards. We sold out of Phase 1 on 04/23/2019. Phase 2 will release around May 15th.  It contains 93 new cards plus 18 Legacy rare cards:
3 Ultra Rare
36 Rare
54 Common

18 Legacy Rare

Each card pack will contain
4 common or Legacy rare cards
1 rare or ultra-rare card

The approximate card mix for remaining 10 cards for now will be
2 cards from The Women
2 cards from Rock of Ages
6 cards from Faith of our Fathers

Each Display box will contain one new ultra-rare in one of the 24 card packs and also one older ultra-rare from earlier sets (Three Woes, The Second Coming and Shipwreck).

Packs containing Phase 2 cards are available for pre-order now.  We expect to ship Phase 2 around May 15th and will continue to offer it until June 15th.  After that date both Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be combined into one large set making up the Prophecies of Christ Set with all six new ultra-rare cards in the mix.

Once Phase 1 and Phase 2 are combined each display box will contain 2 of the 6 new Prophecies of Christ ultra-rare cards. The older ultra-rare cards (Three Woes, The Second Coming and Shipwreck) will no longer be included in the Prophecies of Christ card packs.

Also, the mix of older cards will change as we start to run low on cards from The Women and Rock of Ages sets.

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