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Rock of Ages Tins

We are pleased to offer our new Redemption 4th Edition Starter Deck and a new Rock of Ages Tin (#26). The 4th Edition cards feature redesigned game cards and a new streamlined rulebook that are ideal for new players to learn the game.

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Redemption t-shirts

These sharp looking Redemption® t-shirts will look great on any Redemption® fan! The shirts are high quality Hanes® Beefy - T brand shirts. They are 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

The shirts come in two colors, blue and black, and are available in the following sizes: Adult - S, M, L, XL, XXL
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Supplies are limited so order now!

Price Per Unit: $16.00

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Check out our message board community! Discuss card strategies, deck design, or trade cards and discuss deep theological issues while you make new friends!
Be sure to review the Redemption Tournament Guide and Host Application at our downloads page for the latest information on tournaments.
web exclusives

Cactus has these special Redemption card offers available only at this website!

Women Booster Packs available again. $4.00 each.

GRAB BAG - You will receive over 330 cards including cards from the Unlimited Edition and The Prophets - Plus bonus rare cards from The Apostles and Patriarchs Expansion sets, 2 random Warriors cards and a random card pack from either Faith of Our Fathers or Rock of Ages. A value of $90 for only $30.00!

- Cactus' best offer ever! A complete set of Limited cards, Prophet cards, Women cards and Warrior cards!

The Limited Edition, The Women and The Warriors cards have been out of print for years and this is the only place to get these cards!

The complete set is worth well over $300 but it can be yours for only $150!

Cactus' best offer ever just got better! A complete set of Limited cards, Prophets, Women and Warriors cards plus a complete set of all 130 Faith of Our Fathers and 120 Rock of Ages cards all for $275.00

philosophy card
All orders over $75 will receive a free Philosophy card available only at Cactus Game Design!

2013 Final
RNRS Results


Closed Deck 2-Player Bill Voigt (MN)

Booster Draft
Bill Voigt (MN)

Type 1 2-Player
Josiah Beers (PA)

Type 1 Multi-Player
Tim Maly (MN)

Type 1 Teams
Martin Miller (MN)

Type 2 2-player
Gabe Isbell (IA)

Type 2 Multi-player
Jayden Alstad (MN)

Online Play
Josh Hartzler (OH)


Have you misplaced our rules? Are you looking for the REG? The downloads page has it all.

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