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New for Fall 2015

We are pleased to offer The Persecuted Church card set. This set contains 93 new cards.

Packaged similar to The Early Church, each Persecuted Church card box contains 15 cards. 4 cards are of from The Persecuted Church set. The remaining 11 cards include a Warriors rare card and a random selection of cards from Kings, Apostles, Patriarchs, Angel Wars, Prophets and Unlimited Edition card sets.

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Redemption t-shirts

These sharp looking Redemption® t-shirts will look great on any Redemption® fan! The shirts are high quality Hanes® Beefy - T brand shirts. They are 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

The shirts come in two colors, blue and black. We are almost sold out of these shirts. Our only remaning stock is in Adult - Large in both blue and black.
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Supplies are limited so order now!

Price Per Unit: $16.00

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Check out our message board community! Discuss card strategies, deck design, or trade cards and discuss deep theological issues while you make new friends!
Be sure to review the Redemption Tournament Guide and Host Application at our downloads page for the latest information on tournaments.
Additional Resources
Looking for additional help with the rules or guidance with deck building and card combos then be sure to check out Land of Redemption.
web exclusive

Redemption Grab Bag - You will receive over 500 cards pulled from five (5) Redemption expansion sets for only $30.00!

philosophy card
All orders over $75 will receive a free Philosophy card available only at Cactus Game Design!

2015 Final
RNRS Results


Closed Deck 2-Player Chris Fachman (TN)

Booster Draft
Josiah Beers (KY)

Type 1 2-Player
John Earley (IA)

Type 1 Multi-Player
Charles Johnson (PA) Brian Jones (KY)

Type 1 Teams
Gabe Isbell (IA)

Type 2 2-player
Justin Alstad (MN)

Type 2 Multi-player
Justin Alstad (MN)


Have you misplaced our rules? Are you looking for the REG? The downloads page has it all.

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