Timestream: The Remnant Booster



Step into the TIMESTREAM and travel to the age of the Apostles. Record a Biblical event and return to the future with it. This is the charge given to you by your friend Thadius Revere, whom has recently vanished. To honor your friend, as well as the Great Commission, you must accept it.

TIMESTREAM: THE REMNANT™© is a collectable card game designed with maximum strategy at its core. The game mechanics are unique and challenging. We recommended that you begin “actual” game play as you read through the rulebook and strategy guide. This will help you learn the games dynamics and styles of strategy as you follow the instructions step by step.

One entertaining aspect of this game is the player’s ability to create a custom deck that he hopes can’t be beat. A player may discover a particular strategy, then acquire cards to fit that strategy by trading with other players or finding them in booster packs (available in the PURCHASE section of this web site). Some cards are common, while others are rare. You’ll find it’s definitely a lot of fun.

We hope you enjoy it!

Includes: 1 Booster Pack


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