Redemption - Misc. Offers
Redemption 2016 GRAB BAG

These boxes include an assortment of cards from five (5) Redemption expansion sets.

Each box contains 500 cards including:

  • 100 Apostles cards
  • 100 Patriarchs cards
  • 100 Kings cards
  • 100 Angel Wars cards
  • 100 Priest cards

The above cards include at least 50 rare cards making the Redemption Grab Bag an excellent value.

Price: $30.00

redemption t-shirts

These sharp looking Redemption® t-shirts will look great on any Redemption® fan! The shirts are high quality Hanes® Beefy - T brand shirts. They are 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

The shirts come in two colors, blue and black, and are available only in Adult - Large.
(View Black Shirt)

Supplies are limited so order now!

Price Per Unit: $16.00

(A special thanks to Ralph Bagley and N'Lighting software for the use of their angel image.)




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